Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aug20 - Bro Siong's turn with the Guitar

Back to Fatty & Skinny Music Studio, but this time it was my youngest bro's turn. Since we are both sharing my spur-of-the-moment guitar purchase, I thought that he should try out a lesson too. I bought 2 vouchers for this music lesson, one for classical guitar & the other for drums. Then I thought that my bro would get more out of it.
Music room
My bro was a faster learner compared to me. He had already learnt a few chords before class so it was a breeze for him. Heck, he can even play Yonghwa and Seohyun We-Got-Married (korean series) - Banmal song (intro only). Click here to see the youtube video.
Bro jamming with Farouk on the electric guitar

Did you know that Bruno Mars - Marry You can be played with only 3 chords??!!
This really makes guitar playing really easy. Except for the strumming of course
Bro becoming emo with the guitar....I luv uuuuu
Cheh, can i take this home ah?

Anyway, this is a recording of my bro on the electric guitar with Farouk on the drums
I hope he no coconut tree like me & go out buy electric guitar the next day =p

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