Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aug11 - The Coconut has swayed to the Guitar

 Let's see....just last weekend, I attended a Guitar lesson at Fatty & Skinny Music Studio. And me, being musically incline, started surfing on guitars. I've always thought guitars were expensive, but to my amaze, the price was pretty reasonable.
Saw this advertisement, a basic acoustic guitar for only RM110. Inteeereesstttiinngg. I corresponded with the seller and was told his shop was located at Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras.
After work, I took the LRT & Star train towards Cheras, & found the First Note Music School. Too bad the guy whom I spoke to wasn't there. And the sales lady wasn't a Guitar person. So not much help there.
Different colours of acoustic guitar; Natural, Blue, Red and Brown Sunburst. The only guitar with plug-in (to speakers) was only in Black. Anyway, I was sharing the guitar with my youngest bro, so blue it was. Guitar was at RM110, comes with a free bag. Bought myself a pick & a chords booklet.
Here's a look at my new toy. Was hoping to be able to play at least a full song by end of the year. Depending on how much time i have to practice. Went researching on a few music schools for classes. Rates are about RM140 per month. Once a week/month @ 1/2hr per session. That's abit steep.

For more info on getting a guitar :-
Vincent (0126885452) Email :
First Note Music School
No. 20-2, Jalan Bandar Sri Permaisuri 9, Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras, 56000 K.L


Anonymous said...

hai , i'm nong i wan to take this courses how much must tuition fee

agathaC said...


I'm considering buying a guitar from First Note Music School in Cheras as I also spotted the advertisement for the cheaper-priced guitars.

Can I know how you feel about the quality of the guitar. I don't wanna pay for a guitar that won't last long. And is it easy to tune the guitar? Can you go back to the shop to tune it or to buy new guitar strings?

Thanks in advance = )

Jenn Jenn said...

quality of the guitar hmm...frame is the light version. Its not the heavier sturdy version. But if you're a newbie, it's alright. The strings are hard & thick. My bro got blisters from frequently playing. U have to tune the guitar urself. Only the same prs was there when I got it. She doesn't know how to tune the guitar. Plus the strings were too "high" /floating. So I had a friend to do something about it or else u have to press the strings harder down to play it. I only bought the guitar from there.