Monday, August 29, 2011

Aug29 - Shopping in KL

It's usually not easy dragging KS to KL for shopping. But he was the one who suggested heading to Uniqlo, Fahrenheit to shop. Since it was a day before Hari Raya public holiday, may would have taken leave this day (like me), for fun. Keke
 Support South Korean group Big Bang.
It was on sale, only going for RM24.90. The cotton material is really soft.
Just too bad only Large size available. That's where my trusty sewing machine gonna come in.
Hitting the Autumn season

Big question. How do the celebrities walk in 4inch heels?
KS said I looked like i was waddling like a duck when I tried to catwalk in it.
My calves were totally stretched up. Phew!!!

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