Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dec11 - Chin Woo Biathlon 2011

Every year, I would hear triathletes telling me that Chin Woo Biathlon is a must-do race of the year. 
Fact : its fun. 
Fact : only 1 biathlon in Malaysia
Fact : easy to win money (hey, I need sponsorship for my registration fees)

This would be my official 2nd Biathlon event I've ever done. My first was at Singapore Tribob Singapore Sprint Series. It was an experience of jelly legs after the swim to the run.
Got there in the morning, not knowing what to do or where to go.
Met up with a few friends, saw the racing schedule. Aiks!! My category only starts in 2hrs time.
Lanes were horizontally lined so you are actually swimming 25m per lap.
KS & the youngest competitor
KS on the shallow end where there were no ropes.
I was on the other side of the pool. 
Not really giving much motivation coz I know this is actually *sup-sup water* to him.
More towards as a marker for sighting so that he can swim straight.
But that quite didn't help coz the other people were going zip-zagging.
The run of 3 loops & return to the killer hill
I wasn't there to support him coz next was my turn.
I was listening very attentively since it was my first time.
I was on the 3rd lane from the left.
Well, it was a major challenge coz 1st lane had Teoh Sue Ling & 2nd had Lesley.
Sue Ling - state way
Lesley - she can bike & run, but totally improved on her swim. 
Nearly the end of the swim, she was about 25m ahead of me.
This, I didn't quite understand, we had to run up the stairs to get to the road.
Talk about getting blood to your legs....phew
Adrenaline rush running out....I tend to sprint too fast in the start...
And i could see Lesley in front of me, like for 100m, then bye-bye.
I knew I was the 4th female out. On the last loop, I could see the 3rd female in front of me.
State swimmer but not a runner. She had gained alot of time in the swim.
KS said she actually did all 4 strokes : back, butterfly, breaststroke & freestyle.
She really took her time coz she was fast, but she didn't expect Sue Ling just seconds in front of her.
Anyway, about 400m to go, I was slowly creeping up behind her, until she realised me & sped ahead.
The ultimate hill...phew...really...only 200m of total gradient.
Behind her at 50m, I crossed the finish line with a big smile.
Why? Coz I had so many supporters.
Oh, that's actually KS asking me to run across the line again for photo session =p
After that, all drench, we stood there, chit chatting & camwhore.
Left : Lesley (2nd), me (4th) & Sue Ling (1st)
Right : Carmen, Lesley, Lydia & me.
Prizes? No money, just merchandise.
Well, I knew there wasn't any cash prize. 
I join for the excitement & FUN!!! =p
Coz myself a box of powerbar endurance drink, shirt, towel & plaque.
Women Open
Men Veteran
Women Veteran
Men Open
Boys Open
traded my small plaque with Lesley coz I complained mine too small.
We were lounging around exchanging our prizes.
I traded my tube of endurance drink for gels instead.
Participant dri-fit shirt
We came out in chinese papers...but dunno why they go put Lesley's pic so big
when she's not the Champion..hahaha
Someone translated to me "with arms held high" hence the pic.
Lucky she got shave her armpit hair...hahahha

Jenn 2008 results : 750m swim (21m13sec) & 5km (31mins).
Jenn 2011 results : 800m swim (17m30sec) & 7km (56m24sec)
KS results : 800m swim (17m23sec) & 7km (53m37sec)

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