Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Apr10 - Wat's the DEAL about DANCE?

Wanna get the attention of the public? There's the media such as radio, TV & newspapers.
But we all know that, especially in Malaysia, all these medias are pretty much controlled by the government.
I'm not dissing the government, ok fine...not just Malaysia then.

Cyberspace internet has been with us since....actually I really don't remember when.
I only remember when I was in college...err...1996-98, I remember playing around the chatroom called IRC.
Actually met alot of frens that way. Then email came in. Then ICQ *oh oh*
Hmm..Friendster, then....there's one more i forgot, then Facebook..the latest craze.

About last year, online deals started popping up one after another like popcorn.
I was a total addict with it. 
Heck! Full body massage+sauna+body scrub for only RM49??!!
How does the shop earn anything from it?
KS actually got me 6sessions of facial for only RM60. That's RM10 only per session.
Well, that didn't stop me when I got to Adelaide.
Started subscribing to multiple websites with deals, until I came across
$29 for 8 dance classes. Once a week. That would occupy my time for 2 months.
Ok, objective is. Occupy my time rather than mop on loneliness until KS joins me in June.
So, I went & bought 2 vouchers. Twice a week classes...woohoo!!
And dancing is what I like to do.
Australia Dance Theatre aka ADT is located about 20-30min bike ride from my place.
So that's pretty convenient.
I joined the Tues Contemporary Beginner's class at 730-830pm
And Thurs Dance Fit class at 6.30-730pm
My first class? Half way from the office in the city to ADT, I realised that I forgot my phone.
Went back to the city. By the time I got to ADT, I was already worn.
Registered myself, took a pre-dinner & rested.
Never danced contemporary before. It feels like a combination of jazz & ballet together.
After class, our instructor went to each one of us for a chat.
She said to me that if there was a challenge, she would recommend me.
*blush* Not good with compliments, I smiled, said my thanks & bow.
Seriously!!! After my return from Tokyo, when I'm speechless, I bow with thanks...*shake head*
Let's not forget about ebay.
Let's just say that I bought a heater *winter is coming* for only $1.

*cue evil laugh*

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