Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct15 - Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

2 months after PD Triathlon, this was the major race I had been training for. A 42km Marathon is not something to look lightly on. With the thought "If I can't run to finish it, I can still walk" should never cross your mind with this distance or more. Proper training in mileage & intake should always be considered.

My last marathon was at Korea Marathon in Mar 2011. Nothing that long distance ever since. My legs might have been ready then, but there's always something different between local & international races.

I had previously ran this race before in 2010, I can vaguely remember the conditions, the mental, the humidity. Somehow I don't believe that anything would have changed. The road is still there, the heat and the long highways.
Received my race kit in the mail a week before the race. 
No turning back now...
Lunch on race day. There's always Dominos to help u carbo-load at the dial of a phone
Welcome to Putrajaya
Due to traffic & lack of shelter, the heat from the sun is captured into the tar roads.
And the lovely street lights will lead u on your route
And on and on and on....And that is where the mentality kicks in
We signed up for this. We trained for this.
We are marathoners
In the pen, with all the yellow bibs
Grace, an up&coming athlete/triathlete doing the 10km
Sports will only make u healthy (let's try not to run too close to vehicles)

8pm was the starting time for the 42km, then 820pm for the 21km & 840pm for the 10km.
From my training and sidekick Garmin watch, I maintained a good pace for the first 20km in 2hrs.
Not really a PB but there's still another 22km to go.
Wedding pictures are often taken in Putrajaya due to the architecture, but this couple was sporting enough to go on with their session with runners as the background.
Left : this is only the start
Right : another 1km to the finish. (The difference, sweat on my jersey)

25km was when I bonk. Too soon. After that, the distance just kept getting longer & further.
I would tell my legs to give me 400meters, then I'll walk abit.
But the more you walk, the longer the journey.
Lesson learnt, I can't carry my gels using the SPI belt. 
1st, the bounce is terrible.
2nd it hits the pressure on my abdomen, that I felt kind bruised
I had to bend my body a couple of times due to aching back.
Thankfully there was ice to rub on our heated body to cool us down.

I was compressed from thighs to calves. No cramps but just sore thighs.
Tomato paced with KS for 15km then fell back.
KS looked like a typical triathlete in tri suit & skins compression shorts
This is the most curious encounter. I was already very blur from the race.
Then along the way, a lonesome car & someone clapping w encouragement.
That looks like Paul...nah..wat the heck is he doing here. I was in denial.
Being the steady KS, he kept to pace & completed in Sub4 (damn!!)
His training paid off. Me? I'm just lazy =p
The good news was Putrajaya is usually quite easy on the cash prize.
In 2010, there was a split in the category. For Women, we can either pick on the Open / Malaysian Only.
We'll just got for the category that gives most cash, which also gives the other runners a winning chance.

No luck this year. Only 1 category but at least with a Top20 position.
But funny thing is that on website, it does state this category for the 42km
but I was not notified of this when I went to collect my prize.
 I was too freaking tired to pick an argument after running/walking for 5hrs.

I can't say I liked the route since I felt ultimately lost most of the time. 
Usually I like to run on familiar route, so that I can guess I'm somewhat home.
KS said that if I don't get back by 4hrs (midnite) he's heading home.
Well, after he took a look at me when I crossed the finish line, he didn't dare to say anything =p
I just went straight to the Medical tent and just sat there. Very stilll.....
It was KS lucky night coz he got the 20th spot in his category. 1st time winning a prize.
Seriously, it's not easy for the Men category. Even for the veterans.
The older they are, the faster they run..hahahha
My terrible results.
Comparatively to 2010, it didn't differ much..ahhahhaha
As for KS, he made much improvement by hitting the sub4 mark (even for a local race)
ACTION!!! =p

P/S : special thanks for all the pics taken from CP Tan, Grace, Tomato & etc.


Kevin Siah said...

Wah fresh blog post off the print! Hehe.... well done to both of you in getting prizes, congrats!

Grace said...

Loved your race report, thanks for sharing, and CONGRATS to the both of you on your awesome finishes! Great to see you again. And my Ma thinks KS is a 'very nice boy' hahaha :)

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Congrats to both of you!
It's a super feeling when both won something. Well done!!!

I must thank Kest Seong for pacing me, very good pace... although at km12 I just couldn't keep up anymore...wish I could...too bad la Couldn't push my legs...

Eh, got buy 4D with the numbers or time or not? hehehe

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Well done!!! Both top20!! Wooohoo!!!

Thanks to KS for pacing me...I wish I could continue with the pace. I dropped off at km12 going up flyover...

Eh, got buy 4D, toto with your numbers ka? 1320?? hehehe