Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mar21 - Seoul 2011 (Day4) - Nami Island

Our first day of Seoul journey after the Seoul Marathon 2011 yesterday, began with Nami Island. (click on name for official website). How did this island came to be known? Just watch Winter Sonata (korean drama).No lah. Just j/k. But really, I think if it wasn't for the series, tourist might not even visit this island.

A little history about Namiseom. "Namiseom is a tiny half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon, South Korea, formed as it was inundated by the rising water of the North Han River as the result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. Its name originated from General Nami, who died at the age of 28 after being falsely accused of treason during the reign of King Sejo, the seventh king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea." -

It's actually quite difficult to find Nami Island on the map as it's really small. It looks as if there's a very big lake, then  the humans came along & decided to make a small island. So they started filling the center of the lake with lots and lots of sand until it formed an island. Muahahha.....sorry, just pulling ur leg.
The best way to get to Nami Island is the tourist shuttle bus. First you fill up this form, then email it to to book your seat. To get to the shuttle bus, just get to the Jongno-sam(3)-ga Station (Line 1,4 & 5) exit 1, which is located at Insa-Dong. The bus is located next to the Topgol Park.(check their official website for location).
They were pretty flexible in letting us pay on that day since we're tourist. Cost is Won23,000 per person for a return bus ticket and entrance fee. Don't forget that pickup time is 9.30am and they are pretty punctual.
Journey to Nami Island takes about an hour. So pack a light breakfast to snack on the bus and then you can go back to zzzz.
Upon arriving at the destination. There's the ferry to take you to the island. Don't worry about admission fee since it is already covered with transportation ticket.
Orrr....another way to get to the island is the Zip-Wire across. Didn't quite note down the cost, but I remember it being expensive.
Anyway, it'll be difficult to travel with big bags if you are strapped to the harness.

Back to the ferry, everyone rush towards the front to get a good space on the ferry.

Welcome to Nami Island
Nami Island layout is quite simple.
We just needed to plan on which direction to go & if we have enuff time to cover the whole place.

Anything alike? Hope not =p
Killer ostriches kekek....hey...they were big

I simply love these pictures. Shows the beauty of Nami Island thru its 4 seasons
Autumn & Winter
Spring & Summer
KS's best friend in Nami Island...they were everywheree!!!!
I would say that we were hitting the Winter to Spring weather. 
So you can easily see flowers starting to bloom
KS & I posing from the Korean Series, Winter Sonata
The couple's famous scenes were filmed in Nami Island
That's actually one of the main reason Nami Island became such a tourist attraction

Ohhh...out of the blue got hotdog stand

The best way to cover the whole island in a short time is by bicycle.
Motorcycles are harmful to the air =p
The air is cooling & the scenery is beautiful
It's a place to get away  from the city
You can actually book an accommodation here as worries about food at all
Lunch time...since its a touristy place...don't expect it to be cheap
Rice was pretty simple...they don't seem to put alot of red meat with their rice...
KS liked the kimchi pizza though...thankfully it's not as spicy as kimchi...
This is the most embarrassing part. There's a Winter Sonata Photo Gallery but the glass door is scribbled with a contact from MALAYSIA!!! Would you believe it!!! Shame on you!!!
Anyway, the gallery contains still pictures from the movie filming.

More camwhoring....damn...make me wanna watch the series again....ekekek
There was a clay of the snowman made from the show...disappointing that ppl went and vandalized it.
Snow dog....niceee

A final pic before leaving
Oh Ray didn't join us coz he didn't want to spend his final day on an island...hahaha

We had moved out of Myeongdong guest house to a proper hotel.
Ray was really happy about having a bigger room, bed & a warm bathroom.
Got a room at the Best Western Hotel Vision for 2 nights
Quite difficult finding eateries around there though
We were actually looking for Korean BBQ but after some mis-communication, we were given loads of internal parts. Only myself & Ray could indulge a limitation loh...
Think I kinda ban pork internals for a few months after that

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