Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apr17 - Photoshooting at Bukit Cahaya

Another trip out with my collegemate, Ban Eu, one of his interest is photography. So I decided to invite a few girls out for a Ladies Cyclist photoshoot. Only 2 ladies (including myself) volunteered. Ok lah...this should be fun. He brought his friend, Jonathan, another avid photographer.

We brought our "changgih" bikes, ready to show off until we were hailed & denied entry. I mean, our bikes were denied entry. Seems like no outside bikes were permitted in the park as they are afraid that due to the terrain/roads of the park, it might spoil our bikes. *sniff sniff*

So we rented the park's mountain bikes. I didn't bring any sport shoes so slipper would have to do. It was a pretty laid back photoshoot. We cycled from point to point. Even some parts which I had never visited before. I usually just head to Skytrex Park.


So many treasure hunt parties around from schools, unis & companies. But it was nice to be surrounded by trees once in a while.

camwhoring with a reason

Out of the blue, I got a call from my product manager. Habiss....kerja!!!


It was a pretty good weather day. The park was reasonably hilly for a small workout. Thankfully we don't need to really pose for too long. Just our casual walk, cycle, chat about everything under the sun & moon. From cycle, sports, gossips etc.

Julie in bollywood

After about 3-4hrs, we were hungry. So we went by the park's mamak for brunch. Everyone started tweeting & facebooking about with their Iphones, much to my dismay.

Anyhow, below are a few of the end result photos from Ban Eu.

Ban Eu

Note : casual pics from Julie's camera


LynnG said...

can consider modelling as your part time job :)

jennifer said...

no ler...we weren't even posing. all casual actions.