Thursday, April 22, 2010

Apr11 - A weekend KL

Time for a break after big races such as Ironman Langkawi (Feb) & Aviva (Mar) until the next biggies like Singapore Sundown (May) & KL Marathon (June).

Then I remembered that I still have a voucher for a night stay at Berjaya Times Square hotel in KL.

Well, the last time KS & I stayed at JW Marriott Hotel KL was great as well, except we didn't get breakfast, but it was ok I guess coz we had the NB 30km the next day. So we wouldn't have been able to get back in time to use it anyway.

Deluxe Room on Club Floor

left side, entrance to toilet,
right side, entrance to bathroom.
separated by a door

Welcome platter of fruits, biscuits & chocolates

guess who i bumped into at BTS?
Daniel, part-time job ah? :p

Berjaya Times Square shopping mall was a shopping paradise for imported Korean/Japan/China clothing. Big Banners like "ALL for RM25" is really attractive. I mainly target the RM10 instead :p But this time, it's the gladiator shoes. It's a new trend now. Went into a few shops, comparing prices & sizes till I picked the right one. Somehow KS might recommend one, but i'll pick the other. Opposite attract I guess.

samsung corby collection..yummy

While I was at Sungai Wang, I came across a mobile phone stall that had a very nice sliding phone going for just RM499. It had the latest Qwerty keypad. I've always round it kind in style to type my sms like a notepad. But since it was a spur of a moment, I decided to walk away.

The next day, I wanted to check out external dvd-rom at Low Yat Plaza coz mine already "hampus". Once again i came across THAT phone. This time going for RM480. My will is strong. I walked away. Then we came across Kingston Technology (Oh, KS also looking for cheap phone), THAT phone was going for RM450. That was all I could take. The barrier has fallen.

Goodbye my lovely, Sony Ericson W580i
I've sorry to have dropped you so many times
Especially when you haven't even gotten the chance to celebrate 1year old

Hello Samsung GT-B3310
Only 2 colours as it was only 1week only
Aqua and grey

I've been really high on the korean band, Big Bang. I noticed that they were advertising the LG phone Lollipop.
It comes in blue, pink & grey. It's a flip phone where when then phone rings, the cover lights up ANDDD u can set the graphic display for each caller. So when someone eg. Bob calls, then the word BOB appears on the cover. well, it doesn't have to be Bob, it's up to u wat u wanna set. Wayyy cool!!

But when I had the phone in my hand, it wasn't anything fancy. It's a pretty basic phone, long-ish and pretty. That's it. Oh well, pretty boys for pretty phone?? I still love them!! *drool*

oh, and I weigh 45.3kg that weekend...muhaahah..

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