Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dec27 - Evolution of Jennjenn's Hair 2009

I've always like to change my hair style
due to the fact that there's nothing much I can do about my face

1991 - celebrating my 18th birthday
2003 - the pixie hair that was love & can't get back (tried & failed)

2005 - The typical long hair with wombat at Melbourne

2008 - sexy perm hair that only lasted 4months. Too much of a lioness

2008 Aug - chopped off the perms & straighten my hair again...playing with goatie at Brisbane

2008 Nov - my very creation Leprechaun at my company dinner party in Brissie

2009 May - my straight hair all grown

2009 Nov - dinner hair at an wedding

Here comes the big creation...DIGITAL PERM

I kinda knew it was gonna be a long process, so I brought my notebook to keep my company.
My package was rather cheap : RM200 incl digital perm, cut, highlight & 2 treatment
Paid extra to straighten the top part of my hair (coz natural curl) & a better quality treatment solution. I wish to tell u where I did this, but seriously, I forgot.
Venue was at Dataran Prima though. Something PJU

The whole thing took me 7hrs!!!
Seriously...first I had to wait for this hanger thing, then my hair was being rebellious & didn't want to accept the solution so I was in a turban longer to make sure its absorbed into the roots.

I was suppose to attend a Christmas dinner, which I had to skip. galore

Welcoming 2010 with a new look

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