Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dec26 - THG Christmas 2009

With lots of emailing going around, i planned a THG Christmas party at Bee's Hive.
Eventhough very few ppl around, it was nice to get together just talking about..whatelse...sports

Ray Hee back for the holidays from HK
Bobby was "bubbly" like always

The Yip brothers : Steven & Eric

Baby blur blur at the doorway
Tony rode his bike from KL & brought us noodles

Last but not least, Ming, San & Meng.
Thanks for coming eventhough u guys were late :p

Good thing I brought my tripod for pics like these

Love my hats..keke

hey....I'm superman again (colours)

Group pic at the door way coz I wanna take the banner as well
Bee's cervelo took up like 15% of the space :p

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