Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 Sept13 - Adelaide Amateur Performer Competition (AAPC)

A few months ago, Lily, a fellow Pole Boutique member asked me if I was interested to participate the AAPC pole comps w her in Sept under the doubles category.
I was intrigued as it was something that I've never tried before. However i was reluctant because I would be going on a long holiday with limited time to practice.

See link to last year's AAPC 2013 - Pole Intermediate 2nd Place

Lily's enthusiasm to go ahead w it got me all excited. We met up to decide on a song and the possible tricks we could perform. With support from Pole Boutique's power pole double; Kitty & Rosie and Olivia & Kristina. Tips from Annie & private session and choreo from Rosie.
Venue was held at the Golden Grove Arts Centre. About 40mins away from home. KS went to a nearby Anytime Fitness gym while waiting for my morning rehersal (which was delayed).
Lily & I worked out our timing & lightning.
I was really thankful of the brass pole since Pole Boutique's pole were all brass.
 Lily had her makeup artist at the cost of $50 p/p & Sarah was an angel to braid my hair.
Ks coloured my hair pink the day before and my hair got braided for the first time!!
All the performers. Its gonna be a very loooooong day.
Itinerary for the day however the doors only opened at 315pm instead  of 230pm & the show started late as well. 
The semi full crowd. W lots of non-occupied Reserved seats

Pole Boutique competiting ladies
Opening silks performance by Ashleigh Bellatrix
Burlesque Parade
 Pole Intermediate category
 Pole Open Category
Pole doubles parade

A few pics for our Performer girls from
And now for our performance photos by

Our team performed first & we sat thru our competitor's performance. Sadly, one of the dancer had injured herself during her doubles. Bravely enough, she went ahead & still performed her solo.
Pole intermediate winner from Sarah - Pole Boutique
Pole Open winner
Burlesque Open winner
 Waiting for our results. 
Am I tat confident tat i was the only one who did not cross my hands across my tummy.
I got a crown this year 
All the effort paid off. 
Our first big pole win.
Winners group photo
My greatest support & patience
During practice, comps day from 10am-10pm
 My geeky self at the end of the day

Video of our performance (not great but passable for first timer)
Mobile viewing :

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