Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 08Aug23 - (Day1) - Tokyo/Kawaguchiko

We had purchased our bus ticket from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko town prior beforehand from 
No payment required during booking.
It was kind of a rush that morning to collecting our bus tickets. 
One of the problem with train stations is that there is no lifts nearby.
So with all our heavy luggages, we had to lunge up multiple stairs.
Difficulty finding the bus station to purchase our tickets.
And the counter lady was so rude.
On our trip to Kawagushiko
2+hrs and the bus seats were more comfortable than our plane ride.
Sights during our bus trip
Passed by Fuji-Q theme park
Arriving in Kawaguchiko bus station.
Tourist information center is really helpful.
They helped us call Guesthouse Sakuya for free to come & pick us up.
Obtain a free internet card FLETS, login and surf the internet for free wherever we see a FLET logo.
Kawaguchiko bus station.
This is also where we'll be taking the bus to Kawaguchiko 5th Station to start our Mt Fuji hike.
Guesthouse Sakuya transportation
Crazy group about to start our journey
Guesthouse Sakuya is located on the other Lake Kawaguchiko
Secluded and away from the outsiders
Good thing they put us ground floor because we were a noisy bunch
Japanese tatami room
Living room / bedroom all-in-1
Our beddings
The typical japanese style bathroom
Since we were not having dinner at the Guesthouse, we were able to rent the bike for free.
I had did wanted us to cycle to town for dinner, but after the car trip, it's somewhat too far plus the traffic and getting dark soon.
So we cycled to Lake Kawaguchiko instead.
Overlooking Mt Fuji
With the Ong sisters
Unfortunately, the front phone camera isn't as clear
Our bikes comes with a dynamo that is able to generate energy to work  bicycle head lamps when pedalling. However, its extra work when cycling uphill.
Guesthouse Sakuya does have an uphill that we had to push our bikes in the dark.
We located an Italian restaurant on the main road near Lake Kawaguchiko.
Timetable for Guesthouse Sakuya onsen (bathhouse)
The onsen was located on the back of the guesthouse.
The outdoor onsen overlooks Mt Fuji (didn't get to see it as we only went during the night)
Red = Women. Blue = Men
Rules on how to use the onsen
Everyone is naked in here.
Left side the the shower area and right on the hot onsen pool for soaking
Time to strip!!!
Picture time since no one else is here
Note : you are not allowed to take pictures in the onsen.
After everyone is all cleaned up, we "lepak" in the lounge / dining area coz it was the fastest WIFI area.

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