Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 May17 - Adelaide SEXPO

The last time I heard about Sex Expo was when I was visiting Taipei in 2009.
However, I was with a few conservative friends, that we had to forgo it. 
Their costumes were so worn out...hahahha...too much groping 
2 rides costing $5 each
Shafter is like a motion action ride. 
The ride is a simulation of a sperm's journey once ejaculated into the women. comment on this ride. 
Maybe "waste of money"
Holding on hard rock  boobs
I think the biggest highlights were the stage  shows. 
This is my first time seeing it live.
Total eye-opener! Yes, I saw some "sausages"
No mercy for the ladies to.
She gave the poor/happy guy a wedgy & tore off his underwear.
She also "ate" her other girl friends. 
Ks & I were questioning if they were allowed to do tat live on stage.
A final looknat the shafter before I end my post
Bought a little something before we left

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