Friday, October 4, 2013

2013 Sept1 - Adelaide Amateur Performer Competition 2013 - Selection & Heats

I have a goal. That's to compete in the Malaysian Pole Championship next year.
There's a problem. I'm afraid to perform in public. I changed my Tricks 2 class at Pole Boutique to the Advance 1 class so that I can train myself with routine. What's the difference? Well, in routine, you don't train as much tricks as the dance is already fixed. However, to learn to dance is the story here. Please don't think of this as the sexy dance shows u see on telly. Oh wait. It is nearly the same. U think it's easy standing on stage with cat-calls and not feel shy about it??!!
Anyway, after many years. I decided to partake in a pole competition. A few takes though.
There were 3 pole categories : Beginners, Intermediate & Open.
I had wanted to join the Open category as there were moves that I wish to do that is not permitted in the Intermediate category.
My first take was at Ashley's place as she has a pole at her place. The take went pretty well, until I found out that the Open category was also open to Instructors. Now, honestly speaking, if I'm thinking of winning something, would I be in this category? Righhttt...
So, next up was the Intermediate category. Quite a number of the moves were restricted. I had to consult with the organiser on them. Recorded my entry video at Pole Boutique to the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". It wasn't the greatest performance and it took me like 2hrs to get up the nerve to record it since there were other girls there watching.
Design by Muuuaaahhh
Produced by Miss Moira's Costumes
Unfortunately, the body is not even close in par with Elle
Next thing I knew, I believe all the girls got in because there was the Heats selection. A total of 14 girls in the Intermediate category got through. I changed my routine to a more recent song and less ballet-ie.
Hangout at the rear of Delirium Emporium 
Nervous? Duhhh!! 
The weather was pretty warm so i was trying to stay cool.
Towel to wipe underarms. I wore my my gloves, so thankful for that.
As 1 person is permitted to attend the heats, so my No#1 supporter was it.
One of the good thing was it wasn't a public perform.
Just the judges and ur guest. 
Ladies from The Pole Boutique 
The participants from Intermediate category.
6 ladies went through to the finals. 4 x Pole Boutique. Woot woot!!

Oh, I didn't have photos of the ladies but.......I GOT THROUGH!!!

Now i know how those who got thru at the American Idol getting the Golden Ticket.


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