Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013 06June14 - AIB Casino

Company 2nd Quarter gathering at The Loft (casino)
The dress code for the social event was ‘Formal Attire (Tuxedo & Evening Dress)'
Finger Foods only provided during the function meaning "find your own dinner"
I had a difficult time finding a formal dress.
Also, how to style my hair.
Found my dress at TEMT, Rundle Mall for ~$30 and my hair in Chinatown for $50!!!
Damn! Updo styles are expensive. Plus, the stylist made it looked like a beehive.
Arrival of Guest on the red carpet
Pretty ladies
From left : myself with Olga (my mgr) and Michael. 
Right : Heidi
The tall girls : Laurence & Taylor
Korean Mijoo
Explanation of the night
We are provided $1,500 ($500 x 6) to exchange for chips to "gamble"
First up, the Roulette table
All i know is place your chips at whatever number you want.
Oh, i didn't know that 1 prs has 1 chip type/pattern
That's alot of chips if >50ppl is playing at the same time.
Since it's just a fun night, there were situation when eventhough the ball has landed on the number in the wheel, the dealer would sllllooowwwlllyy ring the bell. 
So this still gives us an opportunity to place chips on the designated number.
The other game was Blackjack
Too bad only limited spaces. I didn't really got a chance to play it.
I play the app on my phone nearly everyday.
However, it wasn't so fun when the dealer would skip some cards (to our advantage).
Taking the opportunity to spin the Roulette wheel
Being a dealer for the evening
As the night ends, the calculation of the highest chips owner
Interesting enough, I came in 3rd place.
Sonita came in 1st (Heidi passed her her chips =p)
Pretty good effort

Actually, I kinda like all these activities coz living here in Adelaide for about 1.5yrs, I would never thought of going about doing it on my own either.

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