Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 June13 - Pole has arrived

I've always considered it but never really purchased it.
Maybe coz in Msia, it was just too expensive.
I'm a huge fan of ebay so I contacted a few purchasers from ebay suppliers to evaluate on the poles.
Few good reviews. No complains especially if you are a beginner.
Big heavy box arrived in the office.
I was excited. Problem was bringing it home.
I took it apart and stuffed it into my shopping cart.
Instructions were pretty easy to follow.
KS playing monkey with it.
Problem for me is that I don't have much space in my surrounding.
The dining area is the only place that had a low ceiling on it.
I had to move 4 bikes & 2 dining chairs away before I could even spin.
Plus, the ceiling was grainy, so when I spin & invert, dust falls into my face.
The standard pole size is 50mm so it is thick compared to the brass 38mm I practice at Pole Boutique.

I'm not encouraging ppl to get cheapo poles like me.
But if you intend to really advance yourself, get a reliable quality pole like X-Pole.

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