Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2012 12Dec14 - AIB Christmas Party

I've always loved Christmas parties (eventhough I don't celebrate it).
I remember when I went for my previous company's Christmas party and I was dressed up as Lephrechaun (handsewed the whole set myself, from the top hat to the jacket tails)

No theme for this party but it doesn't matter. It's a get-together anyway.
Makes it so much easier to get to venue and I have a car this time!!! kekek
Few companies were having their Christmas celebration too and as the function room was too stuffy, we hung out at the balcony, overlooking Glenelg beach.
I didn't know it was a formal wear thingy so I rocked up in jeans =p
All the PYTs (pretty young things) except for the hand
Small group of 5 tables
I've always loved Kris Kringle.
I actually suggested & initiated the idea of giving 3 suggestions as preferred present.
Idea was Malaysia mali one
(proper Eng translation : The idea came from my past experience in Msia)
I asked for a Rebel sports $20 gift card.
And I got it, along with other small stuffs. The effort...wow!!
Then the karaoke session started.
Can't say lunch was great. Nothing much to wow about but then I'm not the type of person to say No to free food.
Sonita (Sales) won the Fashionista Award
Name of awards I forgot =p
Heidi (Sales) won the Suck-Up Award =p
Mittal (Accounts) won the Star Employee Award
The horse dance, Gangnam Style...gawd knows how many times this was played
Applause to Laurence who really tried to sing it
Don't tell me you can't "sense" what dance we're doing
Like usual, I would have left before this happened.
Vodka cruiser anyone??!!

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