Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nov27 - We Run KL Nike 2011

The first We Run KL 10k was in year 2010. It was such a hit, that I believe the organisers decided to make it as an annual event. Last year I was racing another event so missed it, & I didn't want to cramp with the ppl at Bukit Bintang.
What made me decided to go this year? I really don't know. Maybe because the registration fee was cheaper for 2 pax (RM40) compared to single registration at RM30. Maybe because the route was changed to Padang Merbok instead of the Golden triangle.
Last year's shirt was bright yellow. Total publicity stunt but a good one.
Our numbers were printed on the shirts so its a compulsory to wear it. But for RM20, I believe its worth it. It's a Nike Shirt, which normally cost >RM40. & the quality of the material is thumbs-up.
Like I said, the run started at Padang Merbok. We were contained in the cage aka "kandang" but the line was freakinnnnnggg long. So KS & I turned bad guys & cut into the middle when the horn was blown. I'm so sorry to those at the back.
I had not run for sometime after my triathlon season. So a 10k was quite tiring for me. Imagine that. I knew the route at the back of my hand, every hill, flat etc. Thankfully Jeff (Ultramaratoner) appeared behind be at the 8k mark to motivate me. Especially the hills, where I always turn lazy.
  KS had a power run due to his training
Our completion price was a thumbdrive instead of medal. Gave that to my mom coz she was asking for it. It was really cute but abit bulky.

Results was 15th placing at 56mins.  Is it my PB?
I don't think so but then it's considered a painful fun run for me anyway.
I think I'm aiming PB more towards marathon 42k. Short distance is too painful. hahhaha

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gracie said...

Great job with your run and thanks for the race report - nice pics!