Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan23 - Happy Chinese New Year

This year is the year of the Dragon. 
Everyone is really hype up over the dragon. 
Dragon babies, 1st day of school etc. 
Dragon is a mythical creature, unlike the other animals you can easily find.
So I got a dragon small toy from one of my suppliers. Previous year he gave me a toy rabbit.
Ultimately cute!!!
Also hampers from hotel contacts. 
Reunion dinner was in a chinese restaurant. One of the dishes was called something like bag money.
They really made it look like it.
Visited a house for "pailin" & buffet lunch.
My 2nd time going for it. It also has lion dance performance.

But what I noticed behind the lion's head was really distasteful. 
Lion performance is usually know to chase away the "sui" bad stuff & bring in the luck.
But placing advertisement on it, is just yuck!!!
This year I learnt my lesson & went for shopping at Berjaya Times Sq for my CNY shopping.
Usually on the 1st day of CNY its quite boring, so I'll just visit the shopping malls.
But the shops are majority closed. Bought 2 tops, my platform shoes replacement.
And the extreme investment is my Brooks Pure Connect shoes. 
I didn't wanna get the purple shade coz I believe many others would get it. So went for the striking blue instead.
Went up to Alor Star to visit KS's family.
Weather was extremely hot compared to KL (rained every evening).

Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone!!!
- From Ks & me-

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