Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept10 - Dance Workshop at Viva Stage by Viva Vertical

I love Deals....& when I saw

How can I say No. Even to attend 1 walk-in lesson would cost you about RM30. According to the below schedule, you can try Pole, Fabric, Lyrical or MET.

The schedule was:-

5-5:40pm Intro to Pole Fitness by Lola
5:40-6:20pm Intro to Pole Fitness by Nana
6:20-7pm Intro to Pole Fitness by Miko

5-5:40pm Lyrical Dance by Nana / Adam
5:40-6:20pm Fabric Dance by Lola
6:20-7pm MET- Lola

5-5:40pm Pole Spins - Miko
5:40-6:20pm Exoticpole - Miko
6:20-7pm K-Pop - Shan
Nana leading the K-Pop dance to Miss A - Goodbye Baby
Melissa & I know the music & dance well (we are K-Pop lovers).
Some of the moves were from the MTV. Quite tough.
Lola teaching us the Fabric dance.
No climbing with it, just floorwork dance moves
Wei!! Yvonne & Celine...dance ah..not zZzZz
Yvonne trying her hand with the fabric

Celine's turn with the fabric
Melissa joined the Exotic Pole class
Don't look at me...check out the pink shorts
My turn with the fabric. Wanna learn to climb up the fabric instead.
Pics taken from afar so its kinda blur
2hrs passed by like a breeze...we hopped from one class to another
I hope to intro more ladies...and men to Pole.
At least an Intro to spike up their interest.

Pictures taken by Viva Vertical
Lyrical Hip Hop 
Intro to Pole 
Exotic Pole 
Fabric Dance 
Movement Workout (MET) sessions

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