Thursday, July 2, 2009

June21 - Frasers with THG

A relaxing weekend away to Frasers with the THG group for some R&R before the race season.

Tea break at Ol' English Smokehouse.
The owner was pretty rude to us just coz we weren't their patriots.
Giving us the impression "sudah makan, cepat pergi"

RM18 per person incl. 2 scones & tea

How we passed our time? Play cards, watch tv, play mahjong and of course the hot pot aka steamboat to stay warm in the cool weather.
Tom Yam seafood steamboat was too yummy to resist.

Sunday morning, a few of us went for a short run.
The cool air was thin, making it quite difficult to breathe.
We were served nasi lemak and english breakfast.
With a great garden, camwhoring is a must

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