Thursday, July 2, 2009

June14 - Phuket Marathon 2009

Waking up at 230am isn’t exactly a great idea of a good sleep. Needing to be at the starting line at 3am in the dark was much worst. Looking at the good side, at least we’ll get to avoid the hot sun on 50% of the run. Actually the 4am early starting time was targeted for the 5-6hrs runners. The T&C to the 4am is that you are not applicable for the winning prize. Meaning if you get top 3, u are not entitled for any $$$ loh coz its not the official starting time, 5am.

We started off running on the main road, with Keat Seong starting fast in front. After about 2km, not a sight of him. His jogging pace is my threshold pace. Yes, I’m that slow compared to him. We passed the morning market preparing for their Sunday business.
Though majority of the streets were lit up, there came a time when I was totally alone, in the dark. With the moon shinning, I was able to see the street lines to lead the way. I was more weird-out than scared. Where was the cycling marshal earlier? Surely they would accompany female runners while its still dark for their safety.

The KM markers & water stations were a blessing. With past experience (especially in Malaysia), of water running out, every water station was provided with cool Gatorade/water also with ice cold sponge. This was my first time encountering sponges (since this was my 2nd marathon). I would press the cold sponge on my thighs to cool down my inflamed muscles.

There was a funny situation when I was running next to a Thai runner, then he suddenly ran up a bus (from the back). I didn’t expect him to DQ so early. When he got on board, he turned to face the wall. Then I realised that the bus was a moving loo.

By 7am, the sun was up high. I could feel the burn on my shoulders & arms. Thankfully I was wearing my cap to protect my eyes. There was even a time when I turned the visor to the side to prevent my ears from being burnt.

The countryside was peaceful to run through, with padi fields, animals to cheer u on, =D I didn’t quite fancy the road conditions when we went thru the Laguna Resort property which consist of nearly 6 individual resorts within its vicinity. Construction roads with potholes & sand puddles were our obstacles at the 32km mark. We even had to run on a trail route at the 500m mark to the finish line.

I had wanted to achieve a better time compared to Sydney marathon last year, but shaving off 3mins for a PB was the best I could do at 2hrs 32mins. Keat Seong wasn’t happy with his time either as he had injured his leg a few days before.
The photographer must really liked me. Spot that beaming smile

Keat Seong wasn’t happy with his “tortured” face picture :D

For the first time in my racing history, I encountered “shafting”. It was caused by my wet cotton apparel rubbing against my skin. I had the tendency of pouring water onto my body due to the heat. But that was when I was racing my triathlon event, wearing dri-fit material. U wouldn’t imagine the groans & scream and also thumping of the shower glass door when the cold water hit my skin. *shudder*

Nothing to great about the medal. It doesn’t mention what distance I ran. Only difference was Gold for 42km, Silver for 21km & Bronze for 10km. Oh well…..NEXT!!!

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