Thursday, July 23, 2009

July11 - Port Dickson Triathlon 2009 (Day2)

To my lucky stars, Daniel from Bike Boutique loan me his HED wheelset for the PD Triathlon. It’s carbon frame would help me lessen the weightage of the bike, making me ride faster. Plus, its more expensive than the bike itself.

Lammu even came to support me at PD. Banzai lammu!!!

I wasn’t as jittery as I was before. It was a somewhat joyous event. I had no target on placing, just the sub3hr in my head. Transition area was carpeted, which will make it easier for me to run in my running shoes. I was surprised or maybe honoured to be placed opposite Emma from Team Tri-Hard. She’s one of the fastest female triathlete in Malaysia.

Sea water was nice & wam in PD. I guess its reasonably clean compared to most parts of the beach. The ladies was the last wave (wave 4) starting at 720am. I wore my Croc Squad tri top which I was comfortable with.

Swim (40mins) – waves waves waves….we thought it wouldn’t be this bad. Kinda unexpected. Even turning towards the cove, waves hit us from the sides. I’m glad to have mastered the left-side breathing thought by Rod, but there were times, I just had to breaststroke to direct myself. Passing the slower men was also a hassle as some would hang onto the bouy & start to chit chat.

T1 (1.19m) – powder in my cycling shoes to prevent shafting, but once again I lost my gripped on the bike & it fell. Wasted a few seconds picking it up.

Bike (1hr 20mins) – good out & back route, with small inclines. Drafting was legal making it kinda unfair race. I didn’t accomplish much drafting, but I cut 10mins from my previous time.

T2 (53secs) – good timing wearing my socks & shoes at the same time

Run (54mins) – some said it wasn’t even 10km coz the time doesn’t seemed right. It was a straight forward route out & back. With traffic passing along the way, water stations to hydrate us & high-5s from friends.

200m towards the finish line, Keat Seong came out to cheer me on. To start sprinting & not to slow down, with only a few minutes till my I reach my 3hr mark. I was breathless when I crossed the banner, and I saw my time 2hrs 58mins 49secs. YES!!!!

I was at the top of the world with my time. It wasn’t the greatest, but it’s good for me.

Poh Seng didn’t make it for the swim, but he continue on with the bike & run leg.

Proud moment for Debbie who completed her 1st triathlon.
Lunch was suppose to be curry chicken bun, but no more in stock. *sniff sniff* actually sounded nice

This was my 1st proper Malaysian triathlon. A’famosa last year I was disqualified. I’m happy with this race. I got my time target, my finisher medal & an added bonus, a free pair of pinky Crocs. So what’s next? :D


le_runner said...

congrats, matey. nice frame and wheels too. keep it up !!

jennifer said...

thanks victor....i was totally pampered by the wheelset. don't think i can afford it either

yinpheow said...

Jen your timing for PD is 2hrs 28min or 58Min? :-P

jennifer said...

yp..gome..change made...
haven't even imagine hitting sub2.30

Raymond said...

Lammu can eat rice and sit on baby chair!! U ah~

jennifer said...

aik...that one is michie's doing..
KS also for bringing the fella down from the car to the restaurant

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

nice pix compilation!

jennifer said...

of course thanks to all the photographers loh