Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 01Jan20 - Santos Tour Down Under

While Melbourne is having its Australian Open (tennis)
South Australia is having its next big thing, Santos Tour Down Under
This is the Australian version of Tour de France
Smack right in the middle of Adelaide city 
Tour guide cars sponsored by Skoda 
Famous Aussie Kangaroo can cycle too?!! 
The area is split into the Village & Expo 
KS & I first ventured into the Expo, where stalls of merchandises & bikes were being sold 
Santos event merchandise
Too bad its not as appealing as ironman expo 
And the backside of the expo tent is where the competitors village 
Getting ready for dunno..coz their race was only in the evening...warm up kua 

KS is soooo amaze how skinny these cyclist are
and yet being able to cycle so freaking fast 
And they are off... 
Introduction to the teams 
Bupa tent
KS & I got our skin checked since Australia is very fomous for its non/lack existing ozone layer 
While waiting for our turn to be inspected by the drs, I played with a cycling Wii game which I seriously sucked at  
Next area was the bike porn area
The whole place is surrounded by big bike names for you to see and demo try
You heard me right...I mean u read right...You can test the bikes 
I went walking around looking for bikes that can potentially fit me....size XS 
Targetting triathlon bikes though 
The famous Cannondale that partner with Chrissie Wellington to win her Ironman World Championship 

Trek caught my eye coz of its Triathlon bike..Trek Speed Concept
But it has only a size M...i can barely reach the pedals 
I like BIanchi's colour 
In the end, KS & I went to the Specialized tent to test the Shiv 
My first time riding on a triathlon bike
it was pretty intimidating. I had to have my saddle max down
And the amazing thing is they have a size XS with 700cc wheels 
The handlebar width is 41cm compared to my size of 38cm
A slight difficulty controlling going between aero & upright coz of the size.
I felt like i was zooming down the road.  
Took our momento photo as Skoda's photo booth

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