Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2012 Dec31 - New Year's Eve

I remember celebrating New Year's eve in Malaysia.
1st mapping where the fireworks are held.
Otherwise, just find a volunteer's house to gather at.
2010 - In Penang cycling the Fellowship NY ride across Penang Bridge

This year in a new country, new phase and new traffic jam?
Actually no. With the city <30mins along="along" at="at" away="away" celebration="celebration" drive="drive" elder="elder" nye="nye" park.="park." river="river" s="s" span="span" style="text-align: left;" the="the" torrens="torrens" was="was"> 
A stage was setup with everyone gathering around it. You won't find trouble around as this was a Alcohol Free Zone. It's safe for families & kids around. 
Hungry from waiting? No worries. Overpriced food is there for your picking. 

We parked ourselves away from the crowd (the river is quite long)
Laid down my picnic blanket & we chatted till midnite.
Nibbling on snacks & a bottle of lemon lime bitter
Gotta make sure i dun overdrink coz really don't wanna go fighting for the toilet
We didn't even know it was the struck of midnite until the fireworks started.
Maybe there was a countdown 3-2-1 closer to the stage.  
The fireworks session lasted for about 10-15mins 
I had experience of bubble falling down into my eyes at the Curve
Ashes in Puchong as fireworks was shot-up from buildings & down to the spectators
Here is smoke...there's always something somewhere 
I have to admit, what i love is the non-traffic of cars & humans
But I miss having this celebration with my family & friends. 
Here's me & KS wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2013!!
Lighting my very own little firework to start off the year!

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