Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 December 16 - Pole Boutique Christmas Party

I've been learning pole for many of years now, ever since back in Malaysia.
It has been nearly 5months since I started learning with Pole Boutique, Adelaide.
How the months passed....
Christmas Party attendance turned out pretty good for the performance.
There was the drinks after that but KS & I weren't much of a social person =p
Our beloved founder/principal, Carlie
Intermediate class performance
Instructor, Sue doing her Elvis performance.
I was amazed how the wig stayed on the whole time
Santa's concubine? Olivia, pole boutique receptionist...hmmm

Instructor, Rosie
Instructor, Maggie
Eye-opener Bourlesque
I was advised by KS due to privacy to sensor the "exposed" 
Never too young to learn pole 

Female-version of Danny Zuko from Grease 
I see a battle going on 
Girls just wanna have fun!!! 
What's that glowing from within? 
Carlie bowing with thanks
Last but not least, Carlie's impromptu performance 
1.5hrs of entertainment.
I love pole dancing!!!

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