Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 9Dec - Ironman Western Australia, Busselton

A break to replace my Christmas break. 
KS had signed up for this IM many months back so no turning back.
Adelaide to Perth flight took about 3hrs with a 2.5hrs time difference.
I've just felt the meaning of jetlag. 
Arrived on Thurs and stayed over Kev & LiAnn's place for the night before heading driving over to Busselton for a 2.5hrs journey. 
Horizon of clouds. KS said looked like tsunami of clouds.
Our first lunch upon arriving in Busselton. Spot the difference? 

We stayed at Amaroo Motel, which is about 800m walk to the transition area.
 Note to request for a room away from the main road.
Non-stop traffic of cars going past.
Twin-bedding in request for a peaceful night sleep @ AUD$120 per night.
Time for a spot of shopping at the expo
Like shopping mall. Stalls left right and center
Was drawn to the wetsuit as my current wetsuit didn't quite have the flexibility.
nearly 50% off...temptttinnnggg
WTH!!! No way u can find a good pair of running shoes for less than AUD$100 
Guess who bought wat? =p
IRONMAN store wasn't all that great.
Word of advise, for apparel, if you are a size L or XL, save your $$$ and wait for the very last day.
But its its the common sizes like S, M, get it asap!
Race bags
Friday night, Welcome Dinner with red carpet for the athletes.
Bought my meal ticket for AUD$42. Ouch!
Interior design
Lighting like disco...great organisation with sufficient food
Race briefing with a few humorous interviews
bread, salad, pasta, pasta & more pasta.
I'm not racing but also need energy to support
Gathering with Malaysian triathletes
Exploring the race site
It was a long run up from the swim to transition area.

On Saturday, I decided to go for a dive at Busselton Jetty
Organised by Dive Shed for AUD$105 for full gear
To my embarrassment, I actually hyperventilated once i hit the water.
I had not dived for nearly 2 years. The water was really choppy.
There wasn't any DM to lead us (he was looking after an introductory student).
And I was paired with 2 taiwanese guys who were as lost as I was.
I decided to follow the DM instead whilst the 2 guys went on their own.
There wasn't much to see with only an 8metre depth. Had a flounder played with me. 
Good thing I didn't following the taiwanese coz they surface about 100m away from where the boat was anchored.
k-poh-chi during swim training
Race morning. Race gun off at 530am. 
So it was an early night and morning for me too.
Temperature was really chilly. KS had to suit up early into his wetsuit to keep himself warm.
Met up with Nik and family before proceeding to the starting beach.
Swim route
The u-turn point seems rather far at about 1.8km away
This swimmer lost his goggles due to the current and was asking if anyone had a spare.
A supporter who stood next to me shouted at him to just continue, breaststroke, backstroke, watever.
And he did...not sure if he finished it or not.
Swimmer too close to the jetty.
Might be a good guide but as the jetty curves, its actually a longer distance.
KS's swim took him 1hr 28mins.
He said it was an interesting swim coz the water was clear.
Bike route 
I wasn't there to support the bike coz was down with flu and fever.
Was tracking everyone's status online.
KS said alot of kangaroo incidents where they would suddenly hop out in front of cyclist.
KS said the route was quite boring with 4 u-turns with 3 loops.
KS wasn't happy coz he was told to hold back on the bike by coach.
Bike time 6hrs 19mins
Run route
Run was hot and burning
KS said that the 2 x water station on the east side were too close together whilst the 3rd water station was on the other end.
Ironman friends : Kevin & Nik
Apple & Andy
Entertainment during my supporting hours
Seeking shelter
Quotes like this makes any athletes swim
At least one picture of myself since it's my blog
He specifically went for this straw hat to look like Luffy from One Piece

2 volunteers per triathlete.
My thoughts at that moment was "make sure keep the hat"
Finisher shirt that I think look like a beer ad eg. Bali Singha beer
And Finisher Medal. Mass production. only change the strap and the event stamp on it
Finisher towel....how come everything so blue one

Let's not forget a special thanks to Kevin & Li-Ann for their hospitality in Perth.
KS & I wish you the very best in your new move to Canada & hope to see you both again soon.

A video from the Lakers filmed at IM Busso

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