Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mar19 - Seoul 2011 (Day2)

We took our own sweet time waking up the next morning as I was quite comfortable in my warm bed. Heated blanket.'s itinerary was to collect our race pack and explore a little of Seoul. Less walking though so that we don't overwork our muscles before the next day's race.
 I think we really looked like a bunch of tourist coz we wear too much. Oh wait. I was talking about me. Hey!! I bought this jacket from Taipei for only RM40. I love the colour. It brightens up all the Winter black around.
Walking along Myeongdong Shopping street was wow...cosmetic shops everywhere. Siok Leng had a list of items that her friends told her to buy. I'm actually at the stage of venturing to BB cream from the standard foundation+powder stage.A word of advice, if a pretty girl hand u something eg. face mask when passing by their store, dun take interest (unless u are). Siok Leng and my arm were grab, a shopping basket was shove into our hands then pushed into the shop. The guys were laughing to see our shocked face.These ladies are merciless. Seems like Mandarin is Korean's 2nd language as when they knew we were tourist, they started speaking to us in chinese. Not like that helped me either.
I like this school
The food looks good too
Hottie Jang Geun Suk advertisement & Krispy Kreme coming up with Hello Kitty design donut
Siok Leng is crazy about Lotte. It's actually a biiiig shopping complex located around Korea. But there's no harm in spotting one of my favourite Korean boyband, BigBang. *sigh* After seeing them so often on, I can actually take a pic with them. On a billboard. *double sigh*
We walked somemore around City Hall then around somemore. Spotted this building which looks like an alien spaceship port.
As I was contemplating on what brand of makeup I should get, there's Faceshop, Etude, Innisfree, Nature Republic etc. I remember when I was in secondary school, I used a sample off a magazine. Oil-of-Ulan is deadly to my skin. Total breakout. I went for Skin Food instead. Bought a BB Cream made out of Redbean. Hahhaha....was also provided sachets samples of creams & mask. Niceee....the Rice Mask made my skin baby smooth.
As I was having problems booking a DMZ tour, I suggested we head to the Korea Tourism Org nearby. In the end, the best outcome of that journey was a free try of their Korean Traditional costume. Actually the guys was against it, but being demanding me, they had no chance. =p
Casual side of so-called Koreans

Scandal behind close doors
Back to Myeongdong for our final carbo loading dinner then back to the guesthouse for a not-that-good-night-sleep. In bed by 10pm seemed late to us but early to others. We could hear people walking up stairs, doors banging, people talking etc. *yawn*

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