Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mar18 - Seoul 2011 (Day1)

At last the day has arrived for my big Seoul trip. Everyone kept saying " nice go holiday","someone alot of money loh". 
Actually, KS & I had this trip planned since last September when Air Asia came up with the FLY TO SEOUL promo. We were in front of the lappie at midnite to place our bookings. Spent about RM600+ (all expenses) for 2pax return. So it's worth it. 
Annnnddd, our annual leave was brought forward from last year. So whilst you all were going for your Christmas, New Year & Chinese New Year holidays, I was working. Blek!! So now, it's time for MY holiday!!
Early afternoon flight, so no need to rush to the airport like we usually do at the wee hours of the morning. Bumped into a few M'sia runners heading to Seoul as well. Ok, I'm a bad person. I'm actually happy that the race is capped at sub5hrs cutoff time. This prevents leisure runners for participating. I believe in quality running where you want to better yourself more than having fun and taking your own sweet time. See, told you I was bad.

Oh, I think I saw Kenny!!! I did!! I did see Kenny!! Seriously, Kenny Sia was flying to Seoul as well for the Marathon. I felt so paiseh going up to him for a picture. The same goes on the plane. Even the air stewardess was brave enuff to talk to him. *sniff sniff*
Like any international airports, Siok Leng, Keat Seong & myself was shuttle from terminal to terminal. Collected our bags in a jiff then out towards the Airport Limo stop.
Ray had already told us to take the bus 6015 and get off at Sejong Hotel, Myeongdong, which was the closest stop to our guest house.
Airport Limo ticket Won10,000 (~RM30) and luggage tag
1hr trip from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong...zzzzz
The Seoul Airport Limo is extremely realiable. You can pretty much get to anywhere from the airport to Seoul city.. Waiting duration is between 15-20mins. Once we got out from the airport, the gush of cold wind hit us. Quickly bundled up into our jackets, beanies & gloves.
 Ray, who had arrived a day earlier than us, was waiting at the bus stop to bring us to the Myeongdong guesthouse.Ray had mentioned rave reviews on them as he had stayed with them 2years ago. But I think age has caught up with the place & the owner. Mr Park, the owner greeted us then handed over our room key. Not exactly a warm welcome at 1130pm. We had to hike up the narrow stairs to our room on the 4th Floor, lugging our heavy bags. I actually sweated at a negative temperature.
KS & my room was a twin (actually for our peace of mind for peaceful sleep coz he says I roll too much) especially when there's a race. The room was ok. Not great, just ok. Well, it's only Won45,000 per night (~RM135). Ray complained that his room smelled and the wallpapers was stained. Tahan....tahan....After that we took a stroll along quiet Myeongdong shopping street for a spot of supper. 
Seoul's public transportation is good but not people friendly. It's just alot of stairs.Good for exercise but bad when you have a heavy bag. Advisable to get their T-Money (M'sia version of Touch & Go). You can use it on the bus, subway, taxi or even your purchases at convenience store. Previously, there was the conventional card being sold for only Won2,500. Now, the subway machines sells the upgraded version of T-Money that's small in size and easy to lose. Price hike too at Won5,000. That's only the cost of the "card". You need to topup the amount for your travelling expenses.

Once you are done using the "card", just ask for a refund. You'll get back the balance of your topup. Not the T-Money purchase of Won5k. Actually this is one of the most resourceful purchase in Seoul. Plus, you can just hook it to your wallet or handphone. Looks quite trendy too.

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