Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb3 - Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Somehow I had found a way to upload my photos easily with my iphone to my facebook. But yet to my blog. I guess it's because I've always wanted to apply my signature jpg on the pics before uploading it here.

In the end, it's still just as difficult as I don't have the template in my office computer. I find uploading in the office is muuucch faster due to the access compared to my home digi broadband thumbdrive.

Anyway, a week before CNY, my suppliers eg. hotel & promo items were kind enuff to flourish me with gifts.
One World Hotel & Concorde Hotel
Bagman & NY Advertising 
Giftracoin for promo items
My 3 companions who will bring my luck for 2011

The wonderful thing about this year's CNY is that majority of the stuff that I bought is FREEEE!!! Well, mainly it's because I won like RM210 worth of Jusco voucher from my company's D&D. So I spent it on mandarin oranges, drinks plus CNY clothes. But the problem is, Jusco's apparel are quite expensive plus they aren't that great in fashion.
In the end, I paid a visit to Berjaya Times Square & bought 5 items for less than RM50
Guess which dress i bought from Jusco? *duh*

This year we had our family reunion dinner earlier but no less fun. Like usual, we were divided among the adults & kids. Made the most noise with laugher.
w my 2 couz, Ivan & Coach Maresa (http://maresang.com/)

when you can't finish ur food & the night is still young

Made my sotong into a french dish squid...*whoalah*

I didn't take leave the days before CNY as I was already travelling to HK 2 weeks after the hols. So colleagues & I went to New Paris SS2 for a small CNY luncheon. The only thing I remembered for that meal was the Yee Sang.
A whopping RM35 for 5pax (fine, it incls salmon fish, but stilll...)

First day of CNY

1) Visiting relatives (parents to couz Ivan & Maresa)
Cocker Spaniel Humper, Simba. Poser Cat, Ginger & "I can stand on my hind legs, Snoopy

2) Attended mom's friend's open house in Kepong. Free buffet lunch & lion dance performance
Big garden

God of Prosperity looking awfully thin & unfriendly

Mom exploring the big house

Lions can be posers too

Lion harrassing Big Bird & lion dance performance

3) I believe to my childishness; after I found out my mom threw away the container of protein shake which KS gave me (RM200+), I booked a flight to Alor Star to visit KS's family on the 2nd day of CNY
KS's mom kept my favourite roti jala for me
Meet the younglings : Pikachu & Maddie (pugtzu)

Mustn't forget the ever shy, Mimi
Taking Maddie out for a ride & say hello to Belle (KS's cousin, Melissa's)

4) Dinner with the athletes at SS2 New Formosa
The messiest loh yee sang I had this year
Eventhough the restaurant is small (no private rooms) but the restaurant is famous for its Taiwanese dishes. I admit the food taste great but the portion seems too small for 11pax for hungry athletes. Terrible service though on the final dish, dessert. We waited for nearly 20mins just a for a bowl of Low sugar yam paste with ginkgo nuts & pumpkin. PASTE!!!

After that, adjourn to my place for "open table". The cards & mahjong set came out.
Kelvin giving us a tutorial on mahjong
Black Jack 
Hahhaha...Love Boat

The night ended slightly before midnite as there's work tomorrow but of course with great fun & laughter.

Here's something to end this entry with

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

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