Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb12 - Valentine's Day 2011

You read correct. Valentine's Day fell on the 12.02.2011 for us. Why? Because then we don't have to go fighting with everyone else, plus its on a Saturday. Blehhh!! This is our err..hmm...4th Valentine together. Wow, I just made us sound like an old couple =p

KS wanted to try French Cuisine but majority of the restaurants were in KL City Centre. And there's no way he'll go there on a Sat night (unless I drive *roll eyes*). So in the end, he decided at Jarrod & Rawlings in Damansara Heights. The reason, we were looking for Riesling wine for me. Coz recently I found out that that's the only wine I would drink and it cost...alot.
 His sparkling grape with my tomato juice
 Melancholy over how hungry he is (spot the kiddy playground in the backdrop)
Our starter, Cream of Mushroom Soup and Creamy Pea Soup. Mushroom soup was too salty (and this coming from me). Plus Jacket Potato w Sour Cream, Spring Onion & Bacon Bits.
My main dish was Gammon Steak & Parsley Sauce with Boiled Potatoes. The sauce was good. But the waiter didn't ask how I wanted my steak. Came out tasting like...."bak kwa" aka fried pork. KS looved it.
KS main dish was the Fish Fillet w Parsley Sauce, Boiled Potatoes & Zucchini. Fish was tender, sauce added flavour to it.
He clean his plate up while I took my time with the steak. Check out the strips that I cut. It's much easier to eat this way. Plus when I was young, I would divide my food according to portions so that I would know how much more left to go. hahahah
Happy & full campers. We didn't get our French food nor my Riesling wine but time spent together was the whole purpose to this nite.

Bill came up to RM140+. J&R Valentine Package is RM220++. So we definitely saved abit.  As for our presents for each other, I bought him a set of New Balance Running apparel (hey, no discounted purchase) and he got me a 2XU windbreaker jacket, which I found at his place a few weeks before. ahahha...surprise busted!!

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