Monday, January 24, 2011

Dec31 - Happy New Year 2011

I remember my New Year celebration experience the past years

wasn't much of a celebration since i was in bed at 11pm coz of the Fellowship New Year ride in Penang
Riding across Penang Bridge

in KL with the THG. I loved it. Meeting new friends. Miss everyone

Celebrating New Year at The Curve with KS

This year was a silent affair. Rather than going to expected traffic jam places, KS & I decided to stay in Puchong. Read in the papers that the new hangout, IOI Boulevard : The Pallete will be displaying fireworks in celebration to the New Year.

Traffic thru & fro Puchong. Seems like ppl don't wanna celebrate here

We went to IOI Mall earlier for a spot of dinner & walk about to pass time. Then crossed over to IOI Boulevard for the countdown.

The party had already started with live band playing, laid out tables with flowing of beer for the celebration.
KS & I decided to pass our time at the dessert shop, Honeymoon.

10mins to midnight, we went out to find a spot among the crowd for our viewing.

There was a point where everyone started to run away from the building as fireworks residue (ashes) was falling down on us.
LDP-Puchong highway from 4lane to 1moving lane.
Cars were just parking on the main road.

Even the opposite side was jam.
I'm so glad that KS's place was just 10mins away
I wouldn't wanna be caught in that on my new year.

Happy New Year baby!!!


K3vski said...

Looks like a place to go for this year's countdown. Can make it a double (or even triple/quadruple) date haha.

Jenn Jenn said...

would have been better with frends but everyone is scattered especially with the new year ride in penang.