Monday, December 6, 2010

Nov21 - Penang Bridge Marathon 2010

2 weeks after Taroko Gorge Marathon and our Taipei holiday, no rest is allowed. Penang Marathon is around the corner, 21 November.

The cheaper accommodation, Kristal Suite was fully booked a few days after the organisers announced the race date. After much contemplation, we decided to pay a little extra & stay at Eastin Hotel, Penang which was located right next to Queensbay mall (starting point).

We flew to Penang via Air Asia arriving before noon. Dropped off our luggage at the hotel then to the expo to "pat"/8/busybody/check things out.

Oh, we had actually requested the organisers to courier our race pack to us (with extra cost), which only arrived 3days before our departure. The amount of stress we went thru. The Roo is able to live another year.
*Kangaroo = courier service

No queue
Might have saved our effort & collected here rather than pay for slow courier service

New Balance

Dark clouds

Queensbay Mall


Later that evening, we met up with the others eg. Bee, carmen, Kris, Frank, Chin Chin & Li Wei for early dinner (6pm).

I didn't mention before, the 42km marathon starts at 2am. Crazy isn't it?!! So we were in bed like around 8pm, I believe a few others didn't even bother. Somehow it makes us feel even crappier.

By 1am, we made our way towards the starting point for last minute toilet break, luggage tent & stretching. Our friend, Yvonne was doing her first 10km run (just bought her shoes a week before & apparel 2days ago *shake head*).

 Pui San & Wendy
Supporter :Lydia
                                  Poh Seng                                                              Yvonne

The route was pretty straight forward with no traffic (its bloody 2am). Some of us joked to enjoy the scenary. haahha... The last time i was here, I did the 10km run in 2008. I remember zigzagging thru the school kids. But in the full marathon, there aren't many willing to go thru the pain.

As I got onto the Penang Bridge, street lights lit up the whole day where u can see other end. Some was demoralised as they realised that it's freaking long but I felt good in the start. It was a very humid day. I know that compression apparel is meant to be cooling but I was practically hyperventilating underneath my 2xu compression top & singlet. I hid behind an ambulance & stripped myself (don't worry, I've my sports bra to hide my modesty). Once the restriction was gone, I was able to breathe again.

Not sure where i got this pic from
Sunrise on Penang Bridge

The KM marker was terrible, or in truth, the lack of it. I see 16km before the U-turn then 20km after the u-turn. Huh?! Did I just do a 4km in like 10mins?

With the distance marker gone, my intake of gels too went down the drain (I use to take at every 10km). At a distance, I could see thunder & lightning. It had been raining in Penang the last few days in the morning, so I think we'll be expecting the same thing. It's such a dissappointment that First Aiders don't carry petroleum jelly/vaseline during a race. I guess it's more of a triathlete requirement as we are used to running in wet shoes.

Petroleum jelly creates a coverage against friction between cloth & skin. vaseline is a cheaper version comparitively to Body Glide.

Once I got back to middle of the bridge, where we collide with the 21km, the heaven's open up on us. There's no shelter to run to. I stopped for the 2nd time to put my compression top back on. My first ever time I played the strip tease, on a bridge, out in public. hahahha

KS, me, Carol, Karen, Lawrence, Jamie, Frank, Poong

After around 20-30mins, "she" was satisfied. we joined back to the Jelutong highway, where the 21kms u-turn to make their way back to the finished line while I had another err...I think 18km to go. The distance where I usually hit the wall, which I did. I was taking it easy already. I yawned from time to time. Frank caught up to me & we kept each other company from there on. On the way back, I had cramps at my calves & shin.

KS, me, Yee Hua, Chin Chin, Li Wei, Frank, Poong

 KS & his students : Chin Chin & Poong

 The student that just wouldn't listen to his training advice =p

Trying to act cute; the "Yee Hua"'s way

Once we got back to the Queensbay Mall area, the sun was nearly up. Cheers were heard. We had already passed the sub5hr mark. 

Once we met up with everyone & picture taking, we walked back to the hotel & cold & drench. Cleaned up then breakfast. I couldn't take in any solid as I was too...everything. Too tired, too sore, too cold etc. Swallowed hot porridge & hot tea then back to my room to a well deserved sleep before our departure back home at 2pm.

Total time : 5:05:35 (as per my watch)
Can't tell split time coz no proper distance marker.


Quick Sport Malaysia said...

hi,very detailed write-out. nice pics too ;)

Chuckie Cotton said...

Salute you guys for being able to do 42KM...Geng.

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Jenn Jenn said...

thanks both

Malaysia have limited marathons, thankful for that since they kinda suck at organising it. So don't quite enjoy it.

Always plan for overseas runs + holiday. Cross fingers, can still walk after the run loh