Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec5 - Singapore Marathon 2010

My 1st Singapore Marathon. I was here in 2008 to run the 10km. We stayed at the same hotel, Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, which was one of the closest to the finishing line, Padang.

Marina Sands
(actually if you have been to Pulau Weh, one of the places which got hit by Tsunami Dec2004
They have got big boats/ships located at various places. It is left there in case *touch wood* tsunami hits again & the boats are there for rescue. Look at the top of the hotel, don't you think this looks like it? =p)

We took the First Coach leaving from Bandar Utama to Novena Sq. Around 5hr trip with one pee-stop. Had lunch at the food court then start to The Float to pickup our race pack. Very organised though alot of walking, with our luggages.

 Overseas bib collection
This guard asked us where we're from, when we answered "Malaysia", he said "Welcome to Singapore"
That's wat I call hospitality
Cool, no queue.
Though the volunteers/kids are kinda blur.
I had to ask for the stuffs which is missing in my race pack
Bib colours were differentiated with your race time eg. sub4.5, sub5hrs etc
As well as category : 42km, 21km, 10km etc
Japanese runners has a special booth with a different Asics jersey *envy*
So call expo for the overseas runners *sniff sniff*

Rested abit then to Funan (located behind our hotel) for dinner then to bed at 10pm.

Race starts at 5am but the darn Starting Line is at Orchard Road (CK Tangs building). Advance booking of taxi came at 4am. The guys was bragging away coz it was a Bentley. No, I didn't specifically ask for a luxurious car. All I felt was spacious & leather seating.

The starting line was pen/cage from sub5hrs & faster and sub5 & slower.

Alot of running thru the city streets at the start. Just went with the flow. It was still dark. Next thing I know, I was running down a familiar road (Ford Road) coz I got lost here before during Aviva 70.3 in March. We were heading towards the ECP (East Coast Park). 
Christmas Deco at Orchard Road

Still early, not many supporters to cheer us on. Water station was great. I made sure I kept drinking to stay hydrated. 21.5km was the U-Turn point. I felt fatique during the return. Walked alot & I was afraid I might need the loo coz I wasn't sweating much.

42km starting area

After the ECP was worst, we were directed to a construction site on the left, & golf course on the right. I had a bad experience running past golf courses (North Face 50km 2009). The hot sun was up & burning down on us at the 32km mark. I was counting down from here.
Thanks Weng for the pic
There came a point where all the 10km & 21km runners were joined. This was total mental as as ppl start to walk, you'll follow on. I had to block my mind & just asked my legs to run, even jog.
I feel warm just looking at him

Saw the Sands Casino & Hotel, then we were running back towards the city. Passed The Float then there was only 3km more to go. Starting to pick up speed as I knew where we were. Ran passed the "durian" building. The sound of cheering was heard. Another 30secs to sub5. Chase! Chase!! Chase!!
Crossed the finish line at 4:59:22
The only thing in my mind after I crossed the arch was "Get me out of this sun!"
Isotonic drinks for all runners
A painful & burnt race
42km marathon finishers

Poong, Yvonne, me, KS, Frank & Bee
*Yvonne ran+walk her first 21km after running her first 10km at Penang Marathon 2weeks ago

Met up with the others when I collected my shirt & medal. Walked back to the hotel for a shower then lunch. Took the bus back to KL at 3pm.

Finisher Shirt
Everyone has the same medal except for the small embossment on the Eye of Singapore stating Marathon 42.195km

Ohhh, totally Malaysia Boleh. The immigration at Singapore Tuas like effiant as usual, but the one at Johor Bahru. Tisk tisk tisk!! It's so small where you'll have to push your way to the front. One counter has got 3 lines, no aircon (I was wearing my compression top to keep warm on the bus). That made us waste nearly 1.5hrs & we haven't even started our journey. Sigh....


Kevin Siah said...

Ho ho ho! Do I see Keat Seong wearing Saucony Fastwitch? He has been converted!

Jenn Jenn said...

Yeah, he wore the Tiger. But you best ask him regarding the conversion. I think he's a true Asics at heart