Tuesday, October 12, 2010

July25 - Outcast dance recital

Coincidentally, the year I started my pole dancing classes at Outcast Dance Studio, they scheduled their first Students' Dance Recital at PJ Live Centre, Jaya33.

Torn between attending this and PD Triathlon, I decided to go both, eventhough KS & I would be freaking tired.
Makeup time
Introduction by Gavin (Principal)
Salsa (soo many version)
Belly dancing
I think tis is Latin
Afro-Caribbean Dance
Isle of Egypt - Belly Dance
All that Jazz
West African Dance
Belly Dance - Swee Cheng
Argentine Tango
Very-Strong-Original-People (VSOP)

Below are a few pictures from our principals
Sally & Gavin - Liberian Girl

Pole dancing girls w Miss E (teacher)
My biggest fan
Below are pictures from our dance performance

Wendy with her reverse hook spin
Me with my altitude hello boy
Jessica with her fan
Cindy with her spin & split
Clara with her cupid & gemini
Delia with her cross leg release
Thank you very much!!!!

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