Tuesday, October 12, 2010

July17 - Bon Odori 2010

If you've been following, I have not blogged for nearly 2 months. Dunno why? Maybe writers block. So now I'm back tracking the stuff that I did for the past few months.

Bon Odori 2010

I remembered last year I bought a yukata from ebay.au which turn out to be too big for me & the fabric kinda faded. After much research online, I decided to sew one on my own. Seems quite easy.

Went by Kamdar in KL to pick out my material coz there have more varieties there. Picked a blue with pink flowers on it. Cheap cheap... the fabric above is actually for KS (male version). Also blue but black strips instead. He's fabric actually more expensive than mine.

I drew out the layout onto my notebook and measured my body size to make sure I cut the fabric correctly. If too small, I'm in deep sh*t, if too big, still can alter.

Tadah!!! Easy peasy. I even added lining inside coz I purposely picked a softer fabric as I know Bon Odori is gonna be hot hot hot. But the lining would make sure I don't "expose" myself too much.

I remembered the last time I made an Obi, I picked the wrong type of material plus my bow looked really big. This time, I didn't change the basic much. Only the material & size. Though it still looks a little fake compared to a tied obi, but I applaud myself on my butterfly obi.

We arrive at the Matsushita Shah Alam stadium quite late. Especially with the lack of parking & loads of traffic jams coming from all directions.

Thousands of people

First place we went was the food. Though expensive, I have no idea why we still spend so much money here. Smart enuff to plan on a place to meet after buying your food coz there's no way we can find each other in the crowd.

Like usual, it was a hot hot day. Wore my blue contacts (without prescription) so I was partially blind. All in the name of vanity. Thankfully I'm only at the 100 range. Just don't ask me to read anything 5ft away.

Let the dance begin!!!

Drums performance

Bidding thankful & farewell

Dunno where's the toilet? Don' worry, Doraemon knows the way

My 2 creations. Ladies & men's yukata. Made KS a short version coz I know there's no way he'll wear a long one in our weather. The belt was easy. Just sew a few more lines to make it more stylish with extra seams.

My contrasting Obi. 
Maybe I should have made the belt a different colour & the bow another colour. 
Then it'll definately standout.

It this too big?
Bought a pair of devil's horns
Cool leh!  Devil's horns being sold at a Worshipping of the Dead event

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