Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Are you for Real???

With the iPhone waving in front of my face, I'm totally hypnotize by the curvaceous corner edges, the smooth surface skin, the reflectiveness looking back at me

Few months back, when iPhone was first introduced, I've always thought that it was impossible for me own such an incredible phone.

That was until my big glorious yellow man waving at me to head towards the light.
He said "Don't give up hope!! Come & see what I can offer you"
I'm not going to compare the other telco companies offer because I'm sure you would have already done that.

As a digi customer for half my life, after so many comparison, I seem to keep coming back to my yellow man for more. From Prepaid to Postpaid as well as my Broadband.
I'm currently on a Digi DG30 plan where I pay what I spend. Anything extras, I'll just top up from there.

I recently realized that I've been spending too much on my smses & calls. Internet is pretty non-existence when I'm on the go.

But wait a min?!! iDigi 88 is offering MORE comparing to my current plan; at the price that I'm paying every month!!

1GB, 3GB & 5GB?? That's my broadband quota at home!!! 

With the current economy booming & technology evolution expanding around us, communication is really at the tip of our fingers. And my favourite Digi is making our dreams a reality.

So how do I pay for this? Have no fear....Digi is here to save your day.

1) Buy an iPhone4 with iDigi plan outright via Cash or Credit Card
- just pay an outfront RM2,090 (16GB) or RM2,490 (32GB) + Monthly Fee
(of coz you'll be needing Digi services to surf the net, make calls etc).

2) Don't have that kind of money upfront? No worries, Digi has banks like CIMB, AmBank, Citibank, HSBC & Maybank to assist you.
- along with the 0% Interest Easy Payment, the bank is kind to give us the pleasure without the pain

With all these great things that Digi is offering, what is making you think twice?
Still need more convincing, just go to "Digi Get Me A iPhone!!"
Now let me go back to my dream

Sometimes I can feel little iPhones dancing around me

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