Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Do you want to play with me?

So how can I say what apps I like.

The stuffs Apple has to offer (does not limit down to just worms)

This is the hardest entry for me to blog coz I don't have an iPhone to play with.

So I went surfing around Apple-iPhone Application website

The endless choices!!!

If I had a phone, I would install all of them.

As a sports person, I've always been keen on sporty application.
So that was the first place where I click on.

I was attracted by 2 workout applications
iMapMyRide & NikeWomen Training Club

1) Built-in GPS technology
- I often go on long rides during the weekends and more often than none, I tend to get lost on where I'm heading to. So if I get lost again, I'm coming for you Apple!!

2) Real-time tracking that measures and displays time, distance, pace, speed and elevation
- U wouldn't believe how difficult it is to judge how much workout status in just a ride. Should I go on flat or hilly rides? How fast am I going and for how long?

And the best thing is, I can still tweet when I'm on the go.

1) Access your personalized training program to get stronger on the go
- I want to get stronger, I want to beat my competitors, I want to win.....something!!! anything!!!

2) customize your workout, and invite your friends for a little healthy competition
- Why do we race? To proof our capability, to kick-a**. Of course to have fun!!!

3) use the latest dynamic training drills to focus on the five fundamental areas of athleticism – cardio, core, strength, balance and flexibility
- So what is my strength & weakness? I'm great at body balance, but my core muscles is soft like squid.

So Apple/Nike, I think you are the one for me

Plus I think you are as Cute as a button

Play me a song from your

iTunes and Let's Break That Sweat!!!



There's one more application that I should mention.
When I get my well-deserve iPhone4, I'm gonna install......Lonely Planet

Why? Because I've got trips like Seoul, Hong Kong, Australia and Taipei in my calendar.
The pleasure of traveling is just at the tip of my fingers. Just click & enjoy!!

Let's not forget my yellow man!!!

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