Monday, June 28, 2010

June5 - Setia Alam Eco Run 2010

A 2nd thought run coz it was a week after Sundown Marathon. But I use to have lucks in Klang so I decided, WTH!! Let's give it a try. In the 10km distance..ahhaha...hey, I didn't want to take the risk.

the guys

the girls

Since it was supposingly a fun run, the blue wig made its appearance. Met up with the others at around 5.30am for the 21km to start at 630am and my 10km at 7am.

I could see the thunder in the sky as the runners gather in the "kandang". I quickly ran out in search of a plastic to wrap around my mp3.

Dunno why I tend to push too hard in the first 5km. After that I started to slow down. Water station was like at 2.5km, 5km & 9km. Dehydration like usual. Then it started to rain. Darn, should have worn my visor. Rain water dripping down my eyes.

Timed a pretty ok 55mins, after a week of 42km. I think I might have gotten Top10 if it was separated into Open & Vetaran category.


Oh well, lots of up & coming runners out there. So I rather take my running as fun & easy. That way I don't stress myself too much for the podium. I rather treat that was a bonus.

the blue wig appeared in The Star Newspaper - Metro


KeatSeong said...

Rain.. Rain.. Come Again.. Come at Every Race... ;D

jennifer said...

tell in advance...vaseline is my best fren

michlooi said...

Hahha u did get top 10 placing at the end of the day after they DQ a few gals. Congrat again.

jennifer said...

thanks mich.

something this small wanna cheat not worth it geh.