Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June13 - MPSJ-NST Carnival & 10km run

KS kept stating that MPSJ was a sprinting race. The route was just around USJ housing area. A totally flat course. Problem was we didn't know wat time the event starts. Some press stated it was at 7am, some said 730am. Better safe than sorry, KS & I were at MPSJ at 6.30am.

We parked opposite MPSJ, at the housing area. Sucky thing about the race, there wasn't a luggage tent. With alot of car theft going around, we didn't wanna leave our valuables in the car.

Like usual, "pia" too hard in the start to get out of the pack. Started feeling a terrible stitch for the first few KMs. Had to slow down to compose myself. Engine still having trouble starting. Water provided was from bottles. Such a waste since runners tend to just take a few gulps before throwing it away. At the 5km mark, I felt good. My feet felt like floating on the hot tar road. Even at the slight incline back up to MPSJ.

Once we got back to the traffic junction, to the final few meters, we were instructed to go straight until a u-turn. That kinda demotivated me. Never quite liked u-turn when you can just cross to the finish line. As I was passing MPSJ, I could see Lynn entering the stadium while Shih Ming & San was close behind.

No placing for me as expected. Timed a 58mins run. Slower by 3mins compared to Setia Alam, which had consist of flyover inclines. The sun was up at 830am when we queued up for our goodie bags. We stuck around to catch up with friends. Mich did great in placing 2nd place.

As for me, I explored the expo then home to bed.

queuing for our goodie bags : Shih Ming, KS, me & Frank

The ladies are in the house
Power runners

Trying to smile with the sun shinning at my eyes

Blek...hot 58mins


KeatSeong said...

baby no good on flats ;P

jennifer said...

eh? i thought u said i was