Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oct31 & Nov3 - KS & my birthday

Like usual, baby didn't wanna celebrate his birthday big big (unlike me). So i appeared at his place slightly before midnite bearing Secret Recipe Cheese cake.

I remembered during our Singapore trip, he was ooggling at a water bottle for his bike. After much research on where to get it cheaper, HK or SGP, I asked a favour from Siok Leng to help me get it. It seemed like i'm always getting him waterbottles.

I knew KS was gonna pop by but i didn't think that early till i didn't even have time to change. Sooo bigg cheese to finish!!

Dugung bully lammu

Birthday night, blew cake with family. KS had flowers delivered to the office but I last minute decided to take 1/2 day off. So had to go back to office to collect it.

First time at Alexis, BSC. Waiters/waitress macam zzz only. Quiet environment. No need to dress nice nice. Food was ok loh. My fish was rather dry.

baby used electric tape for my pressie..hahah

got a Polar watch (coz my Nike already in service). I know I know cannot give clock. But watch not counted mah. Clock is like those on the table

A week later, Bee organised a birthday celebration for me at Italianies, The Gardens. Wahh...chocolate cakeee

playing with my cake
wearing choco bracelet

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