Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oct2 - Frangipani

Ming & San invited Keat Seong & myself to Frangipani, one of the best French restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Frangipani Restaurant & Bar. Contemporary fine French food plus modern, sleek, chic and sexy.

I couldn't make it for dinner so I decided to join drinks instead. Felt a little intimidated when I arrived. No idea where to go. All the greeter told me was "right thru there & look out for the water".

Once I went thru the huge doors, the noise from the outside traffic just faded. Only to trickle of water. The restaurant was in a squarish room with a water pool right in the middle & the tables/chairs surrounding it.

After that we went upstairs to the bar. I drank Mai Tai, recommended by Chris, coz I'm not that great with liquor.

*pics courtesy of Chris, Michie & Julie

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all the crazy pics are revealed! ahhahah ..