Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mar22 - Jenn can't bake

It’s one of those days that I felt like doing something differrent. So I decided to bake a cake. I bought one of those easy-to-bake instruction cake mixtures from the grocery shop, consisting of cake flour & icing powder.

My target? The chocolate mudcake that looks too yummy from the bakery. Only cost $5. Seriously!!!

Cake Ingredients :-
- 2 eggs
- 3/4 milk (FOC, from office)
- 3 tablespoon of margerine
- Cake flour

Icing ingredients :-
- 3 tablespoon of margerine
- Icing powder

Simple isn’t it. Thankfully my housemate had loads of utensils. So I’ve got the mixing bowl & rice cooker pot ready. Why the rice cooker pot? That’s my ‘microwave’. I don’t have a baking bowl. Anyway, rice cooker I don’t have to jaga time loh. Just set “Cook” :p

Ok let’s see.
Step 1 Mix all the cake ingredients together. Slowly pour the milk in cause it took me ages to harden the mixture, since the milk is liquid. I think I was stirring for about 10-15mins. Arms also sore liau. legs strong, not my arms.

Step 2 Lather the insides of the baking bowl with margerine. U don’t wan the cake to stick to the bowl. It works like a non-stick pan. Get it? Anyway, this way the cake would just “plop” out of the bowl when done.

Step 3 Pour the cake mixture into baking bowl. Straight forward enuff? After that, u can go lick the remaining mixture :p

Step 4 While the cake is being baked, I wish to say u can mix the icing, but I would suggest leave this for later. I did this immediately, then being a dungu, I put it into the fridge. Yes, u get nice cooling chocolate, but it hardens. How do u expect to ‘apply’ on the cake leh? I had to microwave to melt the chocolate. So avoiddd…

Step 5 Once the cake is done, take the cake out. U have to cool the cake before putting icing on it. So ‘terbalikkan’ the cake only a plate or watever. Mine came out kinda fluffy fluffy. I guess it looks pretty good though the center a little sunken.

Step 6 NOW… u can do the icing while waiting for the cake to cool. Pour the icing powder into a bowl & mix it with 3 tablespoon of margerine. Yes, this might look weird, coz it did to me. I was wondering how the heck to mix margerine with powder? In the end, it came out well.

Step 7 (final) This is the final step. Icing the cake. U can try to be as creative as u want but I guess there’s a limit on how ugly it would turn out to be :p

Tadah!!! With just 7 easy steps & about 1.5hrs, I did something that I never thought I would do. I do say, it does taste pretty good, if you really love chocolate cake. Reminder to self, don’t spread too much icing, if you don’t fancy it.

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