Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 June - What is the right mattress for me?

When I first got into the country (in either states Melbourne, Brisbane and now Adelaide), I never once bought a new bed. You could pretty much get a good queen/double bed with frame for only $100 or less.
But as there are now 2 person, it feels a little cramp. KS & my previous arrange was always 2xsingle bed that way we would have our own individual space (plus I roll alot).
We decided to get our own new single mattress. So off to Mile End Homemaker Centre, where you can find all different stores of home furniture for your needs. We went from one store to another to compare prices and beds.
How much support do you want / need?
In the end, we picked the Noah Firm
My future bed, bed frame with TV holder
Forty Winks
Now for a good night sleep!!

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