Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012 Apr20 - New place, New change

The last time I blogged about my tresses was in 2010.
When I was young, I've always thought of growing my hair down my back.
But somehow that doesn't work too well since I'm not really good at taking care of my hair.
Treatment and stuff. Especially when I'm so much into sports, so I have to wash my hair everyday.
So I did it again, from my long tresses, to short bob.
Problem is that I have natural curls so new hair that grows on the top of my head turns out curly and unruly.
Then back to the saloon again for straightening....phew
Everyone has always said that it is expensive to cut your hair overseas, even in Singapore.
It is very competitive as well in Adelaide. 
The cheapest place I could find is this shop owned by Koreans located at Pulteney Street.
$15 for Women's cut. I didn't want to pay so much for a basic cut anyway.
And I really miss the "finger nail" type of hair wash back in Msia (eventhough its not good for your scalp) but it really feeeeels good.

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