Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feb21 - Around Hong Kong 2011

This would be my 2nd time heading to Hong Kong. First time was when we went to Macau International Marathon in 2009. Hong Kong was just a ferry away from Macau, plus we've a fren who works/stays there.
Is my bag big? It just looks bulky but its ok weight.
Upon arrival at the airport, we took the airport express to Hong Kong
Still pretty fresh after our flight.
We bought a return Airport Express ticket from the airport at the departure hall.
Status of travel duration to destination on the airport express
Welcome to Hong Kong
Dunno why but dimsum is a must in Hong Kong
Wonderful to meet up with ex-colleagues from Deloitte, Angeline & JLoo (working on project) in Hong Kong
Hard to believe that Poong can wallop 7 charsiew pau...that's crazy
Pudding for dessert.
Milk for Ray & Bee while I'm a choco type
I just love the ham & macaroni...& ppl ask me why eat such basic stuffs
Playing a fool on the train
Hong Kong is famous for its architecture
The population is so huge that it cost alot to even get a landed property
So everyone starts staying in high rise instead
Walkway to offices
Went by SOHO for dinner which is welknown for its foreigners/expats hangout spot
Peninsula Hotel, one of the most expensive hotel in Hong Kong
Queen's Road Central runs from Central to Sheung Wan
One of Hong Kong's famous shopping area
Night life in Hong Kong...never sleeps
Shopping here is pretty haven. If you have a shopping list.
Bought a pair of winter gloves here. I have always wanted to get a pair of wig for fun.
But when I came across a stall, I just couldn't decided on what style I wanted...sigh..
Maybe its better to see a picture for a more realistic feel
The sight from Kowloon side looking at Hong Kong
Everyone was cold..wait..let me rephrase that...
The ppl who wasn't use to the cold, was freaking cold.
KS resorted to running in circles to warm himself up
Welcome to my carriage
A little blue-pink romance

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