Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oct31 & Nov3 - Birthdays

KS & my birthday are like 3days apart. So it makes it alot easier for celebration.

I remember hearing about Tamarind Springs when I was working in another pharma company. My product managers would bring their customers to Tamarind Springs coz the food & environment was good.

So I decided to treat KS dinner there. Somewhere "lo-man-tic" mah. It was quite far, so I decided to drive instead (rather than explain where we were going).
Layout was balinese style. Got a few restaurants at this big area. Italian, indochinese, malay-thai and siamese burmese. We needed to carbo load, so italian it was. Not many ppl.
Soup - not that great. Its not the grinded mushroom type. Quite starchy
Starter - Cheese with tomatoes. We thought it was salmon. Darn
Main - (1)spaghetti (2) potatoes with cheese
Thenn...KS found a fat fly in the spaghetti. (too bad I didn't take a pic)
We called the Manager, who offered his apologies then offer us dessert. KS didn't feel comfortable in the stomach & asked for the bill instead. Our drinks & starter was deducted (cost also equivalent to the main dish).
Oh well, I don't think we'll go back there again.


KS turned up the day before my birthday & waited till midnite for my birthday. His sisters baked chocolate cupcake birthday for me *yummy*
Triathlon theme : Swim-Bike-Run

As for my present, I couldn't believe it bought it. Actually I bumped into it a few weeks ago, wondering how come his name was on it being reserved. He kept mum. When he arrived at my place, he said "it was suppose to be a surprise, u so itchy found it at the shop" that was when I knew what it was without opening the box.

Do u wanna know what it is? kekeke...see me next year in the Triathtlon scene. It's totally eye-catching.
 KS turn to take me our for dinner. Since I love Japanese food, he brought me to Kin Shui Tei Restaurant at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. We had a private room to ourselves.
 KS ordered the curry set while I ordered the Bento set (i was feeling greedy). I think KS has gotten really absorbed into the japanese culture coz he's been marathoning on Naruto anime as well.
 Crispy lotus & cawan mushi

KS wanted to order a bowl of ramen (like Naruto) but we were both too full to eat anymore. Definitely coming back for more.

My colleague got this for me. Squeeze the body & it barks. So when you hear barking somewhere in the office, it means I'm stress =p


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