Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nov22 - Eileen & Yen Loong's Wedding

I was away in Australia when i found out my ex-colleague from Deloitte got registered. This from a lady (who looks nothing like her age), previously would constantly ask us to introduce her a good-man. kekkeek...

To my surprise as well, when I received a mail from her asking me to be one of her chimui "bridesmaid". Of course I was honoured. I love a wedding (not that u'll see mine anytime soon) :p

The day before the big day, it was family & frens' dinner at the bride's place. Met up with a few new faces from my ex-office. Funny bunch of ppl.

First time i went for a manicure & pedicure. Damn difficult finding a design that would suit my busy busy fingers.

The big day, was at Eileen's place at 7am. Had to take the cab. No one was up to fetch me. Luckily her place was also in PJ. She was in the midst of hairdo & makeup. I bet she was up at 530am already getting ready. I overhead that the groom's side was still getting ready & about to headout to mamak for breakfast.

The head bridesmaid had prepare the tricks for the groom & his hentais (bestmen).
Drinks of 4 flavours in marriage/life : Sour, Sweet, Spicy & Bitter

Stage 1 : Makeup at entrance

Stage 2 : Sweetness for the groom (licking sugar off all his hentais body)

Stage 3 : After each hentai had their share of drinks (bitter tea & chilli water), the groom has to pass a lime (sour) via mouth-to-mouth to hentai

Stage 4 : Q&A session on the bride (1 correct out of 10 questions) hahahha

Final stage : signing of contract. The groom even had a lawyer present.

The happy newlywed


Chimuis with couple

Making our way to JW Marriott for the groom's side tea ceremony

Smile until mouth must exercise abit

Checking out the bridal suite

Photo session still going on


even the simpliest pose makes a covershot

the bathroom filled with rose petals

photo opportunity

That's me with my tatt...damn..i'm so tan
registering for my ex-boss & managers..ekeke

JW Marriott is known for their AV & lighting. Individual tables have their own spotlight rather than the whole hall

The train

The entrance

The speech

Deloitte Table 1

Deloitte Table 2

Saying our farewells

A picture before leaving

Smallest world when I found out that my primary schoolmate,
Poh Gaik aka Jade was also a chimui

Chocolates gift at dining table

Can eat one

even lammu wan choco


K3vski said...

"I love a wedding (not that u'll see mine anytime soon)"

Hahhah, time to ask Keat Seong to stop looking at tri equipment and start looking at engagement rings :P

jennifer said...

wahh..dun rub it in...
speak for urself