Friday, November 6, 2009

Oct11 - Frost the Trail v1

Su-Ann : hey jenn, whatcha doing this Sun morning?
Jenn : I think run kua at Bukit Aman. Why?
SA : Accenture sending some runners to run at FRIM. You wan or not?
Jenn : Free ah? What’s in it for me?
SA : Charity?
Jenn : Fren, I’m a charity case myself.
SA : Got stuff lah. Mau?
Jenn : Ok lah…put my name in.

Ok, not exactly the same words but u get the idea. Frost & Sullivan had organized 8km trail run at FRIM on 11 October 2009. Its not open to public but to companies. A team of 4 runners entry fee of RM4-5k. Charity mah…

We got lost getting to FRIM. It’s slightly past Kepong. A lot of joggers but have to pay park entrance fee of errr..I think 50cents. My team was Fast & Furious while the other 2 teams were Beer Bellies. Each team was armed with GPS detector.

The past few runs after Raya were short sprints. Once the gun blasted, everyone was on sprint mode. I didn’t dare to go too fast coz I had no idea on the route.

We ran around the park, with light inclines and into the trail road. I was trying out my new New Balance trail shoes for the 1st time. So I risk blistering & shafting.

As this was a public park, expect traffic jams. I tried to be as courteous as I could, shouting “COMING THRU!!” so that walkers could move to the side for the train to blast past. FRIM is also a park where mountain bikers would relish the challenges of off-road.

The 8km felt really long as I had not run trail since err..hmm..errr…2years ago :p I think that was Awana Trailblazer in 2007. How am I supposed to survive The North Face Trailrun in 2 weeks time :(

I was kiasu a few times, looking behind me. I was out of breathe during the uphills that even angmo from Digi team went past me *damn* Anyway, I crossed the finish line 3rd from my team & 1st female timing 52mins (usually road about 45mins).

After that we were treated with food & cold drinks. We went thru the speeches & performances from the 3 charity houses Pusat Kasih Sayang YWCA, KIRTISH & YAWA. Pretty entertaining though.

Accenture Team got 1st & 3rd placing. Actually, 4th but coz the host team, F&S is not entitled a placing, they got upgraded *lucky*. As for my return as a runner for Accenture, see below. EVIL LAUGH!!!!
1st Prize – 1 night stay at JW Marriott
3rd Prize – RM230 voucher for Adonis (I traded a 1st prize for this..kekeke)
First Female – 1 night stay at Berjaya Times Square

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